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Hasina Crump, LMFT

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About me

Providing a safe space for your healing, growth and self-exploration is my number one priority. I approach my clients from a place of non-judgement and unconditional support, striving to give you a sense of companionship during this sometimes difficult journey of life.

My goal is to help you find the life that works for you, with an understanding that looks different for everyone. I would like to aid you in identifying who you want to be, heal what's holding you back, and support you as you map a route to get there. All while learning to be kind and compassionate to yourself along the way.

Witnessing clients become empowered, take control of their lives and find meaning is extremely rewarding. It is a true privilege to be part of that journey.

My Specializations

I work with adults, teens and couples that are struggling but ready to take the first step toward happiness and purpose. If you find yourself with anxiety, feeling down on yourself, overthinking, and doubting your decisions or life path, we can work together to find confidence, joy, and peace of mind. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed doesn't have to be a way of life. I serve clients that want to feel excited about life, love themselves and have fulfilling, low-drama relationships. Yet, anxiety, stress, baggage, and self-doubt have gotten in the way.


 I am committed to bringing inclusive and informed care to all, and am experienced working with clients from various ethnicities, sexualities, gender orientations and lifestyle preferences.  


Relationship issues


      Stress & Overwhelm

      Certified Sex Therapy                Informed Professional


For an appointment: call

510-282-9461 or email

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Life Transitions


"Because you are alive, everything is possible,"

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